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Custom Monitor Stands helped me realize a life long dream of creating my ultimate setup. I looked for months at every conceivable option available in the monitor stand market and nothing suited my needs.

When I first started up my project I had 3 24" panels that were sitting on the desk and in the way of everything. I saw many cheap stands out there that promised the world, but after reading honest reviews on them, the comments were quite unnerving. Everything from the monitors just won't align, the to extreme, which stated that the entire monitor array collapsed nearly injuring the owner.

Robbie worked closely with me to design a solution that would have the ultimate flexibility and expandability that I was seeking. My studio serves a dual purpose as a web development environment, as well as an audio production facility. One of my major concerns was the angling of the monitors on the top to suit my work schedule, as I knew that having the top three 24" panels on a straight angle would offer limited visibility for web applications, as well as some serious neck strain.

The articulated arms allow me to configure the monitors to the angle that is most comfortable to my environment at any time. This option became even more beneficial when monitors started to be produced in the 1080p standard, and with my bottom monitors being 1920x1200, the 1080p monitors were shorter and wider. The adjustments available on the arms allowed me to tilt and spread them into a position that felt natural.

The cable management helps keep everything from looking like a cable bomb, and the rigidity of the stand is that of a modern day equivalent of a Sherman tank, and I was even provided with an outrigger solution that would allow me to hold the massive weight of everything on my existing glass desk that I was not willing to part with.

Try getting that level of service with some company that resells some inferior Chinese garbage, and dealing with someone that does not have the immense technical knowledge of the physics behind making something like this work.

Working with this company was without question one of the best experiences I have had to date, and will be adding the option of a 37" LCD on the top of what I have, as well as some speaker stands that will be built into the framework of the existing stand.

- Todd H. Ontario, Canada



It is impossible to overstate the quality of the workmanship and the materials used.  Strength and durability are a few words that come to mind.  I have non-VESA monitors, and was able to request a custom mount, that would allow me to attach VESA monitors years down the road when I upgrade, and I truly appreciate the time and effort that was put in to making those adapters, they attach using the same screws you would for a VESA monitor.  The design of the stand and the arms are rock steady on my desk and I love the stability.  Also, as a Marine stationed in Japan, they were willing to work with me to ship to an FPO, AP address.

Thank-you again Sir.   -Christopher

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