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Robert (Robbie) Valentine is the founder of Custom Mounting Solutions, where everything started as just an idea, very much like most industrial processes and products do. We manufacture an array of custom monitor stands which support dual monitors or triple monitors, up to 8 flat panel LCD monitors on a single desk mounted monitor stand.

Robbie has a degree in Electronic Technology and he has serviced the electrical and instrumentation field for nearly 24 years. As the President of Custom Mounting Solutions, Inc. & ISCON (Instrument Service Contractors), Robbie serves as the technical contact for information about our services. He also serves as the team lead for Instrumentation repair.

He has worked in rigid work ethic practices such as in the nuclear industry, as well as the hectic pace of industrial America, which pivots around production.

Some of his major projects include:

  • Project team member of the K Reactor Restart Team
  • One of six hand picked startup techs for troubleshooting and solving major problems associated with Reactor Startups, not resolved by normal practices
  • Lead Electrical Tech for Reclaim Upgrade for Infant Care division
  • Lead Electrical Tech for PLC upgrade
  • Lead Instrument Tech on a $20M rebuild of TM2 paper machine
  • Lead Instrument Tech on $4M rebuild of the Reel Section of TM1 paper machine
  • Lead Instrument Tech on $2M heat recovery project for Kimberly-Clark Corp.
  • Lead Instrument Tech on four gas burner upgrades to ratio control

For more information, you may call us at:

Office: 706.793.6603
Or: 706.830.6982
Toll Free: 1.888.472.6610

Or email us at:

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